Workforce management solutions

Workforce Dispatch is a super simple and effective way to manage your security workforce. Track and analyse everything from guard tours, cleaning rotation compliance, incident reporting, GPS location tracking, man down alarm and more!

Perfect for any industry

Workforce Dispatch has been designed for industry leading security, cleaning and facilities management companies across the world, however can easily be used across multiple industries for attendance and workforce compliance purposes.


Central control center for guard patrol, attendance verification, incident management and general proof of service


Track workforce attendance and rotation compliance, record slip and fall incidents and help keeps public liability costs under control


Remotely track and analyse all your sites across the globe and help ensure your workforce is running at peak efficiency at all times

Virtual control center

Workforce Dispatch can act as your very own virtual control room with real time alerts and analytics on active patrols, rotation compliance, man down alarms, incident submissions, tasks and checklists and much more, all at your fingers.

Incidents, audits and inspections

Capture important data for every occasion. Create custom form and checklist templates, including images and e-signature for staff to submit at any time to ensure any event can be reported on and digitally stored for future refrernce.

Alerts and automation

Work smarter, not harder. Workforce Dispatch can automatically send real time alerts for any activity being received by users, including PDF summaries for forms and tasks, as well as fully automated analytics delivered directly to your inbox.

Safety and attendance

Staff safety is critical at all times. Workforce Dispatch includes an integrated man down alarm that can be quickly triggered in an emergency, triggering email and SMS notifications to nominated recipients, to help ensure the safety of your workforce at all times.

Hardware integration

Don't want to use a mobile phone? We've got you covered! Workforce Dispatch is compatible with a range of robust, real time recording devices integrated directly into the platform to offer a complete solution.

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Download the Workforce Dispatch applications directly to your iOS or Android device today.

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